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  • 💬: Judichat provides a platform for online chat with other users.
  • 🤖 Judichat uses AI technology to provide users with personalized chat experiences.
  • 🎮: Judichat offers interactive murder mystery games set in different scenarios.
  • 📧 Judichat has an English email creator that converts input into English emails with tone matching and catchy subject lines.
  • 🔒 Judichat has a data protection and privacy advisor AI (DPPAAI) that promotes intelligent data protection and privacy framework.


  • 💼 Legal Research: Judichat is an AI-powered tool designed for legal research. It allows users to explore recent and relevant decisions from the Cour de cassation, a higher French court of last resort. The tool enables the export of these decisions in PDF format, which can be further analyzed and queried using its intelligent legal chatbot. Users can also feed these decisions to their own AI systems to facilitate learning and understanding. The tool provides the option to ask precise questions to the AI about specific documents and receive answers. With Judichat, users can repeat the process of exploration, learning, and querying the AI to continually enhance their legal research activities.
  • 🤝 Executive Recruiting: Executive Recruiters work with a variety of businesses across industries to help fill key vacancies, screening candidates and assessing their fit with the company’s culture and goals. Executive Recruiters must be confident, communicative and knowledgeable in their field, with a strong ability to build relationships and identify potential candidates who can add value to the company

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