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#14 is an AI platform that offers automatic machine learning, generative and predictive models, large language models, and a suite of tools for data analysis and processing.


  • 😎 Democratizing Generative AI: is focused on democratizing generative AI, allowing users to own their models for both generative and predictive purposes.
  • 📱 GenAI App Store: The platform offers a GenAI App Store where users can develop, deploy, and share trusted applications, ensuring the safety of their data and creating reusable components to scale app development.
  • 🤖 LLM Studio Suite: provides an LLM Studio Suite, enabling users to create custom state-of-the-art LLMs for enterprise applications, allowing them to analyze documents, extract insights, and automate data labeling and processing for large volumes of unstructured data.
  • 🌐 Information Retrieval and Privacy: The company emphasizes information retrieval on internal data and privately hosted LLM, ensuring that users’ data stays with them, thus prioritizing data privacy and security.
  • 🚀 Recognition and Visionary Status: has been recognized as a Visionary in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant, showcasing its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of AI and machine learning.


  • 💻 LLM Studio Suite: offers a suite of tools for creating and fine-tuning large language models, including h2oGPT for custom GPTs, CurateH2O LLM Data Studio for data preparation, PrepH2O LLM Data Studio for data cleaning, Fine TuneH2O LLM Studio for model fine-tuning, EvaluateH2O LLM Eval Studio for model evaluation, and Sketch ItH2O LLM App Studio for creating custom applications.
  • 🤖 Enterprise-level chatbots: allows users to build enterprise-level chatbots using their large language models and no-code fine-tuning framework.
  • 📈 Transform unstructured data: can transform unstructured data using their LLM Studio Suite, which includes tools for data preparation, cleaning, and fine-tuning models.
  • 🌎 20,000 global organizations: is used by 20,000 global organizations, making it a widely adopted platform for cloud AI developer services.
  • 🧑‍💻 Create your own large language models: democratizes generative AI by allowing users to create their own large language models using their suite of tools.


201 - 500
Annual Rev
25M - 50M
Tech Used
Adobe Client Data Layer, Adobe Experience Manager, Java, Google Optimize

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H2O AI is an open source, in-memory, distributed, fast, and scalable machine learning and predictive analytics platform that allows its users to build machine learning models on big data and provides easy productionalization of those models in an enterprise environment.
H2O AI Cloud includes different AI engines to process various types of data, including unstructured text, documents, images, and video. It also offers AutoML functionality, interpretability, model monitoring, an App Store, and an SDK to build AI applications.
To create your own custom recipe for H2O, you can refer to the documentation and resources available on the official website or the Community Slack workspace.
Yes, MOJOs (Model ObJect, Optimized) are supported for experiments that use custom recipes in H2O. They allow models to be used in various production environments and programming languages.

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