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Grafi AI

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Grafi AI is a platform that generates quality, long-form content for healthcare writers and marketers by leveraging databases, scientific journals, and user-uploaded documents.


  • 📚 Grafi AI: Quality, long-form content from databases, scientific journals, and your own sourced or vetted content


  • 💻 AI Content Creation: Grafi AI provides quality, long-form content that leverages databases, scientific journals, and your own sourced or vetted content. It can create quality content within minutes for a variety of readers, reduce the burden of validating facts with pre-vetted sources, and leverage your own data.
  • 🎨 Generative AI: Generative AI can generate new forms of creative content, such as audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. It can create medical images that show the future development of a disease, synthetic data helping augment scarce data, mitigate bias, preserve data privacy, and simulate future scenarios. It can also suggest additional actions to users and provide them with information, and modernize legacy code.
  • 📊 Use Case Diagrams: Use case diagrams are a great tool that can help businesses and developers alike to design processes. They ensure the development of correct and efficient systems that will properly serve a user’s goals. You can create your own use case diagrams using Venngage’s Diagram Maker and templates. Use case diagrams can be of great use to retail stores with B2C e-commerce systems, restaurants, and banking customers.

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