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Gerev AI

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#43 is an open-source, privacy-centric search engine for workplace apps, allowing users to find code snippets, conversations, and relevant documents, and it supports natural language queries


  • 👩‍💼 Quickly find documents and resources within an organization: allows users to efficiently search for documents and resources within an organization.
  • 🔍 Easily locate colleagues and their expertise: The tool enables users to easily find and connect with colleagues based on their expertise.
  • 💻 Efficiently search through code and technical documentation: supports the efficient search through code and technical documentation.
  • 📝 Academic writing: can be used to assist in academic writing by helping users find relevant information and resources.
  • 📊 Accounting: The tool can also be utilized for tasks related to accounting, such as searching for specific financial documents or information.

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FAQ offers features such as filtered high-quality search results generation, multilingual smart search, answering natural language questions with accuracy, fast access to online information, real-time search, personalized knowledge base creation, improved text search and retrieval, and customized finance recommendations for customers. It also provides a private and precise search of browsing history and efficient ML app discovery and access. uses generative AI to browse the web and provide answers to technical questions. It feeds in relevant websites and technical documentation to reduce the model's hallucination and keep it up-to-date. Users can enable the "Expert" toggle to access GPT-4 answers.

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Mindfulq is an advanced AI search engine that helps users supercharge their productivity by providing relevant and insightful information.

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Omnisearch is an AI-powered search engine that seamlessly integrates with websites, allowing users to easily search and find specific content, including video transcripts, and was founded with the vision to revolutionize content search

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