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Flyx AI

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#89 is an AI studio creating human-friendly AI for daily life, offering an AI chatbot creator platform and an AI colleague to build technical reports, with founders from prominent tech companies like Instacart and Mercury


  • 🤖 AI chatbots will become more human-friendly, understanding natural language and providing accurate responses.
  • 💡 AI chatbots will be able to learn and adapt to new situations, improving their performance over time.
  • 📚 AI chatbots will be used in various industries, such as customer support, news reporting, and research.
  • 💼 AI chatbots will continue to evolve, becoming more intelligent and capable of handling complex tasks.
  • 🚀 AI chatbots will be integrated into various platforms and devices, making them accessible to a wider audience.


  • 💬 AI Chatbot Creator: offers an AI chatbot creator platform that allows users to create chatbots for various purposes such as customer service, lead generation, and more.
  • 📊 AI Colleague for Technical Reports: provides an AI colleague that can help users build technical reports. This feature can save time and effort for users who need to create technical reports regularly.
  • 🤖 Human-Friendly AI: is an AI studio that creates human-friendly AI for daily life. This means that their AI solutions are designed to be easy to use and understand for non-technical users.
  • 🚀 Backed by Top Founders: is backed by the founders of successful companies such as Instacart, Mercury, Applied Intuition, Gigster, and Bloom Tech. This indicates that has a strong support system and a high potential for success.
  • 🔜 Upcoming Features: is constantly developing new features and solutions. Users can expect more AI-powered tools and services from in the future.


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