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The Crowdin blog announced the beta version of their new app, an AI chatbot built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, which integrates with the Translation Editor and serves as a co-pilot for translators, offering context-aware assistance and advanced features for tasks such as correcting TM suggestions and serving translators with an advanced dictionary


  • 💬🤖 AI Chatbot: Crowdin has launched a new AI chatbot built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API that serves as a co-pilot for translators. The chatbot is context-aware and knows exactly what segment the translator is working on.


  • 🤖 AI chatbot: Helps translators with context-aware assistance, understanding segments, related glossaries, and translation memory matches.
  • 📝 Correcting TM suggestions: AI can complete the remaining translation work when there’s a 60% match, ensuring consistency with terminology and previous translations.
  • 📚 Advanced dictionary: AI can provide translators with a comprehensive and advanced dictionary for better translation accuracy.
  • 🤝 Context-aware: AI chatbot is aware of the translator’s current segment, making it easier to find relevant information and suggestions.
  • 🔍 Early access: Users can join the community of early adopters to test the private beta of the AI co-pilot app for Crowdin built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API.

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