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Crossplags AI detector

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The AI Content Detector by Crossplag is a tool that uses machine learning to identify and flag potential AI-generated content, providing a percentage-based result indicating the likelihood of the content being written by an AI, with three result outputs: Human, Mix, and AI


  • Fast and Accurate AI Detection: The AI Content Detector is designed to provide quick and reliable results, ensuring that users can easily verify the authenticity of their text


  • 💻 AI DETECTION: Crossplag AI Content Detector is a tool that detects if text is AI-generated using advanced machine learning algorithms and ChatGPT detection technology. It is trained to precisely predict the origin of the text by using a combination of vast datasets of content created by AI and human-written content, learning the patterns and characteristics of each form of writing, and can easily detect it.
  • 🌍 MULTILINGUAL: Crossplag AI Content Detector can detect over 100 languages, coupled with access to 300 million documents and 70 billion web articles for comparison, making it a top AI detection tool for businesses, marketers, and educators who need to verify the originality of content. It is also the world’s first and only cross-lingual plagiarism checker, making it perfect for those working within multiple languages.
  • 📈 ACCURACY: Crossplag AI Content Detector provides accurate results, with a high confidence percentage indicating that the text was probably written by an AI, while a low confidence percentage means that a human likely wrote it. While it is not yet accurate enough to be heavily relied upon, it can still provide useful guidance when reviewing AI content.
  • 🧑‍💻 EASY TO USE: Crossplag AI Content Detector is effortless to use, with a straightforward user interface that is accessible to individuals, educators, and companies. You can paste the text and click “Check” for instant feedback. It is also fast, almost instantly verifying the authenticity of the text.
  • 📚 EDUCATIONAL: Crossplag AI Content Detector is best for students, academics, bloggers, and all writers to help detect plagiarism across documents to uphold ethical standards and confirm work integrity. Its easy-to-use capabilities aid various use cases in improving the quality and relevance of the content being analyzed.


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Nginx, PHP, WordPress

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Using a vast dataset of content created by AI and human-written content, the tool is trained to learn the patterns and characteristics of each form of writing and can easily detect it. You simply copy and paste the text you want to analyze into the provided text box. After you submit the text, the tool evaluates it and generates an overall score indicating the probability that the text was generated by AI.
Yes, Google can detect AI content. There have been numerous use cases where there is a very low possibility of ranking a website using AI-generated text. Google's latest 'Helpful Content Update' states that it will rank sites lower if they have low-quality or AI-generated content.
Yes, Crossplag's AI detector is an advanced tool specifically designed to help detect AI-generated text. It is considered one of the most sophisticated tools available for this purpose, and it remains the best solution for AI detection.

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