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CPUmade is a platform where users can create unique t-shirt designs by describing their ideas, which are then generated by an AI model and can be customized and purchased, with an option to browse designs from the community for inspiration


  • 🎨 Customizable Designs: Users can create unique t-shirt designs and customize them to their liking.
  • 🌈 Color Options: The platform allows users to change the color of the t-shirt to find a suitable color scheme for their design.
  • 🌍 Community Inspiration: Users can browse through a community’s designs for inspiration or choose a design to use.


  • 💻 Custom T-Shirt Design: CPUmade allows you to create your own unique t-shirt design with the help of an AI model. Simply describe the design you want and let the AI get to work.
  • 🎨 Color Customization: Once you’ve created a design you love, you can change the color of the t-shirt to find a color scheme that works for your design.
  • 🛍️ Easy Checkout: After creating your design and customizing the color, you can easily add the t-shirt to your cart and checkout.
  • 🌐 Community Designs: Browse through the community’s designs for inspiration or to use a design for yourself. You can sort designs by most liked, ordered, and recent.
  • 🔔 Follow Favorite Makers: Keep up with your favorite makers by following them on CPUmade to see their latest designs.

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Yes, you can become a CPUmade affiliate by visiting to learn how to earn money for spreading the word about the brand.
A CPU core is the part of the CPU that performs calculations and runs programs. A single CPU can have multiple cores, allowing it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
CPUmade ships anywhere in the world.
In the context of a CPU, a package is the outer casing that houses the semiconductor components, while a die is a single continuous piece of semiconductor material, usually silicon, that can contain one or more cores.

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