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Bunch AI

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#2 is an AI coach and community that helps aspiring leaders improve by providing personalized leadership advice and bite-sized knowledge, used by leaders at top companies and offering a 2-minute daily learning experience


  • 📈 A seriously personalized experience: Your coach will get to know you over time, tailoring advice unique to your leadership style and goals.
  • 🌱 Grow a little bit every day: Bunch takes the world’s knowledge on leadership and breaks it down into bite-sized chunks, allowing you to improve by 1% daily.
  • 💬 Engineering Leader: Tips from Bunch are inspired by successful leaders, vetted by leadership coaches, and curated by their team.
  • 🆕 Your coach, there for you 24/7: Meet Bunchee, your AI assistant coach powered by GPT-4, available anytime for your questions and support.
  • 📚 Learn from the best: offers a library of resources, including articles, podcasts, and videos, to help you become a world-class leader.


  • 📈 Personalized Leadership Coaching: Bunch provides a personalized experience, tailoring advice to your leadership style and goals.
  • 🌱 Continuous Growth: Bunch helps you grow incrementally every day by breaking down leadership knowledge into manageable chunks.
  • 🏆 Learning from Successful Leaders: The tips provided by Bunch are inspired by successful leaders and curated by a team of experts.
  • 🆕 24/7 AI Coaching: Meet Bunchee, your AI assistant coach available to answer your questions anytime.
  • 👥 Community and Support: Bunch offers a community of leaders and has been downloaded more than 75,000 times, with positive reviews.


11 - 50
Annual Rev
2M - 5M
Tech Used
Instapage, Node.js, Lua, PHP

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The Bunch community is a members-only Slack workspace where users can connect with other inspiring leaders, share experiences, and discuss related topics. This community provides a platform for users to seek specific advice and support from their peers, enhancing their leadership journey.

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