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Branchminds is an AI research assistant that helps you find relevant web links related to your Notion content, embedded within your Notion workspace.


  • ☑️ AI Research Assistant: Branchminds is an AI research assistant designed to find web links related to your Notion Doc.
  • 📧 Beta Testing and Feedback: Branchminds is still in Beta and welcomes feedback, feature suggestions, or greetings from users via email at .


  • 👩‍💼 Business Use Case: Branchminds can help businesses conduct market research more efficiently by providing an AI research assistant to discover relevant web links related to the topics they care about

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Branching Minds can be accessed through a web browser and is compatible with the Clever platform for rostering.
The goal of MTSS is to provide adequate support for students through a continuum of tiered interventions, ultimately improving student outcomes.

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