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AYOTA (AI Enabled Computer) AI

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AYOTA is a next-generation supercomputer and personal AI assistant that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into its design, allowing users to interact through voice commands and EEG headsets


  • 😎 AYOTA Supercomputer: A high-performance PC seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence into its design, powered by the innovative Cerebral OS. It acts as a personal assistant, creative partner, and gateway to the future.
  • 🧠 Brain-Computer Interface: Compatible with a wide range of EEG headsets, including Emotiv models, AYOTA allows users to connect and interact using their thoughts, enabling visualization and command execution.
  • 🗣 Voice Activation: Equipped with voice activation features similar to SIRI and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to control AYOTA through voice commands, making tasks easier and more efficient.


  • 💻🧠 AYOTA Supercomputer: A high-performance PC that integrates Artificial Intelligence into every facet of its design. It is powered by the innovative Cerebral OS, which allows users to set it and forget it, and watch the magic happen. It is compatible with a wide range of EEG headsets, including the acclaimed Emotiv models, allowing users to connect and interact using merely their thoughts. It also has voice activation features akin to SIRI and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to speak their minds and let AYOTA do the rest.
  • 🎨🎶 Role Model AI: A software that unlocks extraordinary abilities for your avatar and creates music, illustrations, and more! It offers a unique gaming experience for users. Users can unlock and utilize incredible abilities for their avatar with AYOTA coins, and generate stunning images, personalized logos, and captivating illustrations with a simple prompt. Musicians can compose original music, catchy melodies, and energetic beats tailored to their preferences, while digital artists can create an immersive gaming experience with captivating narratives and unique characters.
  • 🧠🗺️ Ayoa: A mind mapping, whiteboards, and tasks tool powered by AI. It takes mind maps to the next level using AI and is available in Ayoa Ultimate only. It has a mind map gallery, template library, and customer success stories.
  • 🤖🎮 Nearal: An AI-enhanced local business/professionals community app that allows users to collaborate with colleagues and team members. AI does the hard work, thus the users don’t need to have any.
  • 📈📊 Security Token Alliance: An educational platform that supports projects in the security tokens industry. It provides white-labeled research reports and has 8 employees and 1 founder.

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