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AnimalAI is a project that explores the possibilities of bi-directional knowledge transfer between biological and artificial intelligence through an AI competition using experiments translated from animal cognition.


  • 🦁 Animal Chat Simulator: is an AI-powered animal chat simulator that lets you learn about animals in a fun and interactive way.

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Animal-AI is a platform that hosts a suite of research environments for training and evaluating AI models in the context of animal cognition
Animal-AI is designed for researchers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts who are interested in studying and developing AI models for animal cognition and behavior
AI models can be evaluated on the platform based on their ability to navigate and solve tasks in the simulated environments, providing insights into their cognitive abilities and decision-making processes
To get started, users can visit the Animal-AI website and explore the available resources, including documentation and support, to begin using the platform for their research and AI development endeavors

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