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Amazin Prompts

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#95 is a website that offers a prompt generation tool with access for free and the ability to generate over 450 prompts per month.


  • 🤖 450+ prompts/month: Users can generate over 450 prompts per month.
  • 🆓 Access free forever: The platform provides free access indefinitely.
  • 🦸 Release your superhero: The service helps users unleash their creativity and productivity.
  • 🛠️ Tool selection: Users can choose a generation tool from the available templates.
  • 🔄 Check & polish: After prompt generation, users can verify the content and ensure it meets their requirements.


  • 💻 Prompt Engineer offers access to a generation tool from the template, allowing users to generate their own prompts with the help of AI.
  • 📝 generates over 450 prompts per month, and users can access it for free forever. The platform also allows users to verify the generated dynamic content and make sure it fits their needs.
  • 📚: People who share their prompts are awesome. There are many collections of prompts available online, such as the best 100 Stable Diffusion prompts and the Awesome Claude Prompts repository on GitHub.
  • 🎓: Paul Couvert shared 12 prompts to learn anything faster using ChatGPT, which is a free teacher that generates prompts for users.
  • 🤖 The ChatGPT-Prompts repository on GitHub offers a collection of prompt examples to be used with the ChatGPT model, including a wide range of GPTs optimized for specific use cases.
Tech Used
PHP, Bootstrap, LiteSpeed

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