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ZeroGPT is a free and accurate AI detector that offers sentence-to-sentence analysis, suggestions for revising content to sound more humanlike, and a detailed breakdown of sentences to improve readability


  • 💬: ZeroGPT now offers sentence-to-sentence analysis that highlights flagged content in yellow, orange, or red, and provides suggestions to help revise content and make it sound more humanlike. It also provides a detailed breakdown of sentences along with insights under the AI Scan.
  • 🐻: New technological developments surrounding the Frozen Zoo and the ability of cell manipulation can bring back extinct animals, such as the polar bear, in the future. Gender-inclusivity is also a focus, with non-gender representations included in Unicode 13.0.


  • 💬 Readability Score: ZeroGPT offers a new feature called the Readability Score that informs you about the simplicity of your sentence formation. The better the formation, the higher the readability score. Conversely, if you construct more complex or compound sentences, your readability score will be higher, indicating that your content may be difficult for readers to grasp.
  • 🕵️ AI Detector: ZeroGPT has an AI detector that can detect whether the text you have written is original or copied from another source. This feature can help you avoid plagiarism and ensure that your content is unique.
  • 📝 GPTZero: ZeroGPT uses GPTZero, a state-of-the-art language model, to generate high-quality text. This feature can help you create content quickly and easily, without having to spend hours writing.
  • 📊 Accuracy Checker: ZeroGPT offers an accuracy checker that can help you ensure that your text is free from errors and mistakes. This feature can help you improve the quality of your writing and make it more professional.
  • 🆓 100% Free: ZeroGPT is completely free to use, which means that you can access all of its features without having to pay anything. This feature can help you save money and still get high-quality writing assistance.
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