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Wetune is a platform that allows users to create AI-powered apps without coding, improving work efficiency and quality of life by generating various types of content, such as poems, stories, code, and lyrics


  • 🌟 AI-powered apps: Create high-quality and creative AI content with just a few keywords or prompts


  • 💬 AI Content Generation: Wetune allows users to easily create and share AI content generation apps for any type of content, just by entering some keywords or prompts. The AI-powered app generates high-quality and creative content using OpenAI technology.
  • 🤖 Build AI Apps: Wetune enables users to quickly create artificial intelligence apps without coding. Users can create apps for various purposes such as poems, stories, code, lyrics, and more.
  • 🧑‍💼 Assign AI Assistant: Wetune allows users to assign a role to an AI assistant, which can help them in various tasks and improve work efficiency and quality of life.
  • 📝 Templates Available: Wetune offers numerous templates that users can directly use or share with others to establish an active template square.

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Wetune's built-in verifier supports various features, including built-in aggregation, UNION, NULL, OUTER JOIN, complex predicate, and predicate with NOT/XOR/OR. It also supports integrity constraints and different numbers of input tables.
Wetune works by allowing users to input prompts and application-specific information, and then it generates content based on the input. It is suitable for individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their writing experience, who are looking to add an AI-powered touch to their content creation tasks.
Wetune is currently in the Beta stage and does not provide an API.

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