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SOMA: Research Automation Platform

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Soma is a research automation platform that grants access to materials not intended to be, nor do they constitute, advice or recommendations; it is also a horror game set in a remote underwater research facility, and a fictional drug in Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' that numbs any sort of discomfort, from anxiety to stress to general uneasiness


  • 😎 Soma Cap & Venturous is mentoring 5 early-stage, high growth potential startups. It still feels a bit surreal, being the youngest mentor of this year’s cohort of the gener8tor Reno-Tahoe.
  • 💡 A few of these startups will be raising in the near future.
  • 🤝 Stay tuned and hit that post notifications button for more startup/vc content and some snapshots.
  • 😆 The “Oh, how the tables have turned” moment. But aside from the surrealness of it, it’s been an incredible learning experience, even for me as a mentor. I’ve never considered myself a ‘subject matter expert’ or ‘guru’ on really anything. But after the lunch & learn workshop I gave last week, a few of the founders came prepared with questions that really made me think and also made me.
  • 📈 Your insights on organic growth, personal branding.
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DYNAMIC stands for Dynamical Neutral Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling. It is a program that studies the Earth's upper atmosphere and ionosphere.
Aerosol cans, animals/pets (except service animals), audio/video recording devices, moshing, crowd surfing, and violence of any kind are not permitted at SOMA San Diego.
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for immune health, musculoskeletal health, and bone health.
Yes, there is a downloadable version of DYNAMIC's FAQ available on their website.

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