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Saas Ai Tools

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Discover SaaS AI Tools, a directory of generative AI tools for web design, landing pages, and SaaS products.


  • 💎 Bulletproof Prompts: A guide filled with advanced techniques on how to create better prompts is available as a free downloadable copy.
  • 👋 Hello from Bren Kinfa: The maker of the project, Bren Kinfa, builds and shares resources to the community, and offers a subscription to receive the free guide and notifications about the next resource.
  • 🤖 Effy AI: A performance assessment and 360-degree feedback tool driven by AI, offering ready-to-use templates and AI-generated reports for staff reviews.
  • 📈 Data-Driven Insights: SaaS AI tools are designed to provide data-driven insights to help organizations better manage their workforce and improve decision-making.
  • 🚀 Innovative Workforce Management: SaaS AI tools lead the charge in offering innovative workforce management solutions, changing HR practices for good and making recruitment a smoother process.


  • 👋 Get Bulletproof Prompts: A free downloadable guide with advanced techniques on how to create better prompts, along with notifications for new resources
Tech Used
Drupal, Animate.css, PHP

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On SaaS AI Tools, you can find a growing directory of 400+ AI tools, daily AI news, and a tech stack utilizing various products.
Yes, SaaS AI Tools is 100% free to access, and no payment is required.

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