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#48 is an AI-powered proposal generator that creates customized, high-quality pitches for users, streamlining the process of crafting compelling proposals for various purposes.


  • ✏️ Customizable Proposals: Users can build and customize proposal formats with section outlines and instructions.
  • 📄 Export Features: The platform offers export features for DocX, .text, and HTML formats.
  • 📧 Stay Updated: Users can sign up to receive roadmap progress, announcements, and exclusive discounts via email.
  • 📝 Multiple Proposal Types: It allows the creation of multiple types of proposals, which can be easily generated within a selected format.
  • 🎨 Simple Interface: The generated text is presented on a simple white page, allowing users to fine-tune and finish the content before exporting.


  • ✨ User-Friendly Interface: generates text onto a simple white page, allowing users to fine-tune and export the core content using various formats such as DocX, .text, and HTML.
  • 📈 AI-Generated Proposals: The platform is designed to generate high-quality proposals for business-to-business professionals using AI, saving time and effort in the proposal creation process.
  • 🔒 Data Security: encrypts all information at rest and has taken precautions to ensure the safety and security of user data, making it a reliable solution for sensitive business information.
  • 📅 Roadmap and Updates: Users can stay up to date with the platform’s progress, announcements, and exclusive discounts by signing up with their email, keeping them informed about the latest developments and features.
  • 🌐 Accessibility: The platform can be accessed on any device, providing flexibility and convenience for users to work on their proposals anytime, anywhere.
Tech Used
Node.js, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Next.js

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