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Designovel is an AI tool that focuses on fashion trend forecasting and design recommendation, offering solutions such as trend analysis, market sensing, and product/service planning, with a focus on making advanced technology easily accessible and understandable

Supertone AI

Supertone is an AI-based plugin for noise and reverb removal, initially offered as a free beta version and later sold under the name Supertone Cleaner

Text To Speech
Typecast AI is an AI-powered platform that offers an online text-to-speech and video creation service, providing over 300 human-like virtual avatars and voice-over actors for creating professional-quality content with emotional text-to-voice settings

3D model
Plask AI offers Plask Motion, an AI-powered animation toolkit for video, gaming, film, and virtual reality, enabling seamless and efficient motion capture and animation creation.

Lunit AI

Lunit is a company that specializes in AI-powered medical imaging and diagnostics.


Staypia is a hotel reservation platform that offers competitive prices, tax-inclusive rates, and customer support for inquiries and travel advisory information, with a focus on providing the latest travel news and safety recommendations


Typed is a powerful tool that enhances team collaboration and productivity by streamlining the management of documents and tasks.

Stocknews AI

StockNews AI provides top news and research on various types of US equities, including dividend, value, marijuana, and tech stocks, using AI-picked sources

Life Assistants
Movie Deep Search

Deep Search is an AI-powered platform that enhances the search experience by understanding the context and intention behind user queries, providing more relevant and personalized results