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Kafkai is an AI content generator that uses its own trained models for niche and keyword article writing, allowing users to generate unique, SEO-friendly articles with a few clicks.

Art Generator

PicSo AI is an online platform that offers AI art generation, allowing users to create AI characters, edit and extend images, and generate text to AI art and AI portraits.

Voxwave AI

Voxwave AI offers a platform for sending personalized voice emails to leads at various stages, aiming to increase call bookings and sales by leveraging the human touch of voice messages.


Ubie is an AI-powered platform that helps users check symptoms and find causes, providing personalized reports and treatment information.

Notta AI

Notta is a platform that provides audio to text transcription services, ensuring data security by being SOC 2 and GDPR compliant, and offering features such as real-time transcription, summary generation, and easy data export.

Synthesizer V

Dreamtonics' Synthesizer V is a groundbreaking music production tool that combines AI research, signal processing, and a passion for music to create a pioneering synthesizer that replicates the nuances of the human singing voice without limiting your vocabulary, allowing you to bring your ideas to life with ease and creativity.

Mirai Translate

Mirai Translate is an AI translation service that offers high-security cloud-based translation solutions, demonstrating strengths in cases requiring quality, speed, and confidentiality.

Real Estate
Jife is a website that provides general information about various topics, including music, movies, and personal experiences.

Evoke Music

Evoke Music is a royalty-free music library made with AI for content creators that provides access to over 60,000 tracks and sound effects, and allows users to upload to various social media platforms.