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Live Captions is an AI-based live captioning system that provides real-time, cost-effective accessibility solutions for meeting and conference services, integrating live captions and interactive transcripts into various platforms and languages


  • πŸ“š AI-powered live captions: Real-time, cost-effective accessibility solution for meetings and conferences, no programming required for basic usage


  • πŸ’¬ Real-time captions: Live captions provide a real-time, cost-effective accessibility solution for meetings, conferences, and events. You can integrate live captions and interactive transcripts into your service in the blink of an eye, with no programming required for basic usage. You can also generate captions for already recorded media. With multi-lingual support, you can choose from almost 140 languages and dialects, including English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Better accessibility: Live captions ensure accessibility for all, from deaf or hard-of-hearing users to users who use English as a second language. Students and professionals benefit from having live captions in their lectures, meetings, or live streams.
  • πŸ“± iPhone compatibility: Live captions are available on iPhone 11 and later when the primary language is set to English (U.S.). You can customize the text, size, and color of the captions and get live captions only for certain apps such as FaceTime or RTT.
  • 🎀 Audio source for captioning: When you use Live Captions on your Mac, you can switch between captioning the computer’s audio output or its microphone. This is useful for live events, meetings, and presentations.
  • πŸ€– AI-based auto-captioning: Implementing AI-based auto-captioning directly within the presentation software is a best practice for live captioning presentations. Video accessibility services like captioning and transcription are now being considered greatly for a variety of “nontraditional” use cases.

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VemoAI is a voice-to-text application that uses AI to transcribe, clean up, and structure voice inputs into various forms of content, such as journal entries, transcripts, and blog posts, allowing users to speak naturally without worrying about pauses or mistakes

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WhisperBot is a WhatsApp speech-to-text AI assistant that transcribes voice messages using OpenAI's technology and erases the audio file and text content from the database after 30 minutes for data security.

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SpeakNotes is a voice note summarizer that uses AI to transcribe and summarize voice notes, organize notes into folders, and support multiple languages, aiming to streamline the note-taking process and maximize productivity.

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