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Hot Reach AI

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Hot Reach AI is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized first lines for cold outreach, aiming to improve response rates and increase conversion opportunities for various professionals.


  • 🎉 Personalized intros: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual work, Hotreach AI takes care of crafting customized introductions for your cold emails, increasing your chances of a reply


  • 📧 Automated Email Intros: Hot Reach AI can automatically craft personalized email intros by entering a prospect’s LinkedIn profile URL

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Hot Reach AI is a tool that generates personalized first lines for cold outreach emails. It is designed to help increase response rates for cold emails.
According to Woodpecker data, the average response rate for a personalized cold email is 17%, but it drops to 7% without it. Including a prospect's name, company, or pain points in your subject line or copy can massively increase your chances of a reply.
Hot Reach AI generates personalized first lines for cold outreach emails by using AI technology. Users provide a CSV file containing LinkedIn profile URLs, and Hot Reach AI appends the generated columns to the file.
Recruiters, sales representatives, and service businesses can benefit from using Hot Reach AI to increase their reply rate by using personalized first lines in their cold outreach emails.

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