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Handwrytten is a service that allows companies to send handwritten notes at scale, using AI to craft messages and offering automated thank you and birthday cards, with features such as bulk import, pre-made templates, and scheduling messages in advance


  • 💳: Handwrytten provides elegant and modern styles of thank-you cards, as well as fun and seasonal looks, making it easy to send handwritten messages to tons of customers.
  • 📈 Handwritten direct mail is a marketing technique with impressive open and response rates, and Handwrytten allows for customization, enabling users to input their message, select a handwriting style, and choose a card design. Our internal analysis showed that handwritten notes can provide a seven times more significant return on investment than traditional print.
  • 🤝: Handwritten notes are a valuable tool for insurance brokers to differentiate themselves, build relationships with clients, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Handwrytten offers pre-designed templates and an easy-to-use website to automate the process of sending handwritten notes to clients.
  • 📈 Automating your handwritten direct mail has never been easier with solutions like Handwrytten, allowing businesses to maximize their marketing effectiveness and forge deeper connections with their customers.
  • 💌: Sending classic handwritten thank-you card messages is a great way to build customer relationships and improve client satisfaction. Handwrytten takes the time and effort out of sending handwritten messages, and even allows for the insertion of gift cards or magnets to put customer loyalty over the top.


  • 💬 Personalized Communication: Handwrytten allows users to send personalized handwritten notes, which can improve customer experience and increase retention.
  • 📈 Business Growth: Handwrytten can help businesses grow by making a huge impact with prospects and customers. Companies can send thousands of cards a month to improve sales and customer loyalty.
  • 📱 Mobile App: Handwrytten has a mobile app that allows users to send handwritten notes directly from their phone, making it easy and convenient to send personalized messages on-the-go.
  • 💌 Variety of Cards: Handwrytten offers a variety of cards to choose from, including holiday cards, thank you cards, and birthday cards. This allows users to send the perfect message for any occasion.
  • 🤝 Partnership Opportunities: Handwrytten offers partnership opportunities for businesses, allowing them to integrate handwritten notes into their own customer experience and marketing strategies.


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Handwrytten is a leading handwriting service that was founded in 2014 to make sending handwritten notes as easy as sending an email. The company has developed a patented robot capable of autonomously writing notes and continues to invest in robotics to meet demand.
Handwrytten offers various pricing options, including value-priced cards at $3.25, which include the Handwrytten logo on the back. Cards priced above $3.25 feature a "Red Wagon" branding and do not mention Handwrytten. Postage is billed at cost, and sales tax may apply due to new tax rules. The company also provides bulk discounts and subscriptions for those looking to send more notes each month.
Yes, Handwrytten loves working with businesses and over 80% of their orders are for businesses. They offer custom inserts such as business cards, stickers, and magnets, and provide bulk discounts and subscriptions for businesses looking to send notes on a continual basis.
Handwrytten offers resources to help individuals and businesses learn how to write letters, stand out from competitors, automate delivery, increase customer retention, and more in their handwriting services resource center. They also provide tips on strengthening relationships with remote clients and increasing patient referrals for physical therapists.

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