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Great Headlines

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Great Headlines is a platform that combines marketing expertise with artificial intelligence to help users write catchy and effective headlines.


  • 📚 AI-Powered Creativity: uses artificial intelligence to generate creative and compelling headlines, saving you time and effort


  • ✨ Content Generation: The platform uses AI to generate compelling and engaging headlines for marketing content.
  • 📊 Data Analysis: It provides insights into the performance of different headlines, helping in data-driven decision-making for marketing strategies.
  • 📢 Audience Targeting: Utilizes AI to tailor headlines to specific target audiences, increasing relevance and engagement.
  • 🔄 A/B Testing: Enables easy A/B testing of headlines to optimize marketing campaigns for better performance.
  • 🎯 Conversion Optimization: Helps in improving conversion rates by suggesting impactful headlines for various marketing channels.

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Great Headlines is a platform that combines marketing expertise with artificial intelligence to generate compelling headlines for businesses.
To use AI headline generators effectively, it's important to remember that the quality of the input impacts the output. As a marketer or creator, you must direct the generator to ensure the suggestions resonate with your audience. Additionally, you should describe your article as accurately as possible to generate the best and most relevant blog post titles.
Jasper's Perfect Headline AI generator is an AI tool that helps you create headlines that speak right to your target audience. It suggests headlines based on the input you provide and can be directed to ensure the suggestions resonate with your audience.

Alternatives for Great Headlines


Text Generator is a fast, affordable AI-based text generation platform that offers high-quality, accurate, and flexible text generation in multiple languages, with unlimited API access for a competitive cost of $6.99 a month, while ensuring above-industry security measures and continuous algorithm training.



Simplified is an all-in-one app for modern marketing teams that provides an AI-powered design platform with tools to create, collaborate, and scale social media, including an AI writer, AI designer, and an AI story generator.



FigGPT is a plugin that connects ChatGPT to Figma and allows users to compose and edit copy with AI, featuring quick actions, custom actions, multilingual output, global prompt suffix, magic populate, and bulk editing.

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