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Generative BI

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Generative BI is a new, advanced type of business intelligence that leverages generative AI and augmented analytics to transform data into a dynamic resource for generating proactive, predictive insights, reshaping how businesses interact with and leverage their data


  • Calculations in narratives: Generative BI allows users to ask questions without having to write SQL queries or learn a BI tool, making it more accessible for non-technical users


  • 📊 Data Visualization: Generative BI can be used to auto-generate visualizations and dashboard layouts, speeding up the process of deriving insights from data.
  • 🤖 Chatbots and Virtual Agents: Generative AI can be employed to create chatbots and virtual agents, enhancing customer interactions and automating responses.
  • 📉 Risk Management Simulation: Generative AI can be utilized for risk management through simulation, allowing the analysis of imaginary scenarios and the risks involved.
  • 📈 Self-Service Analytics: Generative BI can help fill the gap in data literacy and skills by enabling average business users to author business intelligence dashboards and reports without the need for SQL queries or BI tools.


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Generative Reports is a first-of-its-kind AI tool that creates a report based on your goals. It connects to live data sources and delivers dashboards of relevant charts to business users instantly, helping them make quick and informed recommendations for clients. It is built for agencies and
Generative BI differs from traditional BI in that it is powered by AI and actively works to transform data into proactive, predictive insights. It employs automated insight generation processes that save time and ensure that no insights are missed. Additionally, Generative BI offers a distinct advantage with its no-code, quick-setup approach, allowing businesses to implement it easily.

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