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Extend music AI

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ExtendMusic.AI is an AI tool that allows music creators to enhance and extend their original compositions by selecting a context of at least 10 seconds to generate an audio extension using AI-generated music.


  • 💿 ExtendMusic.AI: Extend your music with generative AI. The platform allows users to select a context of at least 10 seconds to generate an audio extension. Users can write a prompt to condition the music that will be generated and select how many seconds they want to extend the context they previously selected.


  • 🎶 Music Creators and Composers: Enhance and enrich your original compositions with additional audio tracks using ExtendMusic.AI.
  • 🎧 DJs and Remixers: Use AI Music Remixer Online to change the length of audio tracks with high quality.
  • 🎬 Filmmakers and Video Creators: Use AI Audio Tool in Filmora 12 to create and edit audio tracks for your videos.
  • 🤖 AI Enthusiasts: Use OpenAI Jukebox to generate lo-fi samples and to continue song snippets.
  • 📝 Songwriters and Lyricists: Use Suno AI to generate songs based on written descriptions and lyrics.
Tech Used
Node.js, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Next.js

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The platform focuses on extending original music creations using AI technology, but it may not offer extensive customization options such as rearranging instrument tracks or restructuring arrangements.
To access ExtendMusic.AI, you can visit the official website at

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