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Digest Diff – Automated Release Notes

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Digest Diff is a tool that securely pulls commits from GitHub and generates release notes without accessing any code, with privacy built into its core.


  • 💻 Privacy first: Digest Diff securely pulls commits from GitHub and never stores them on their servers. No code is ever accessed.
  • 🦄 Export as markdown: After reviewing and refining your release notes, export them ready for distribution.

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You can find more information about DigestDiff and get in touch with the team using the Feedback option on the DigestDiff website.
DigestDiff is used for efficient developer onboarding, streamlined reporting, and automated release notes. It facilitates quick onboarding for new developers, simplifies the creation of release notes, and easily summarizes contributions for standups, retrospectives, and reports.
Key features of DigestDiff include providing detailed overviews of a codebase's evolution, seamless integration with GitHub for automatic commit history retrieval, and prioritizing privacy by only requiring read-only access to commit history.
DigestDiff offers a unique approach to codebase analysis, enabling insights without code access. It aids in developer onboarding, reporting, and release note creation while prioritizing user privacy.

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