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Design Ducky is an AI tool for system design and diagramming that serves as a virtual assistant to help users build their desired projects


  • 🤖 Design Ducky: Design Ducky is an AI tool for system design and diagramming that serves as a virtual assistant to help users build their desired projects. It is integrated with GPT3 and GPT4 models to provide users with the best experience. As a developer, you can use Design Ducky to build Frontend, Backend, Database, or all of the above. The chat interface is used as a way for the user to interact with Design Ducky, while the diagram on the right side of the screen updates in real-time based on the conversation.
  • 📈 is a diagram application that helps you create flowcharts and diagrams. You can place various shapes, lines, arrows and connectors to customize your diagram to explain processes, organization charts, networks and much more. You can embed inside of your Bit documents by adding a shareable link.
  • 📝 MagickPen: MagickPen is an AI-powered writing assistant that effortlessly generates high-quality text, checks grammar, fixes bugs, and offers seamless translation services. Enhance your writing experience with this versatile tool. It provides comprehensive solutions for marketers to automate their tasks and enhance their content writing experience.
  • 💬 AI Chat: AI Chat – Assistant & Chatbot is an iOS app that offers an AI-powered chatbot assistant to help users with basic tasks, answering questions, and providing customer support. It provides improved customer support via smart advice, website chatbot engages via natural language, enhanced chat support with generated responses, automated tendering and enhanced responses via data, personalized chatbot for customer support responses, improved website customer experience via chatbot, automated Q&A chatbot interacts with website visitors, and website chatbot for customer support & engagement.
  • 🎨 Designs AI: With its logo-generator and video-generator features, Designs AI makes designing easy and accessible for everyone. It uses A.I. technology for quick and efficient design creation, logo-generator for easy logo creation, video-generation for converting text into voice chat and creating videos with ease. Small business owners can use Designs AI to create professional logos and videos.

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