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DecisionMentor is an AI-driven decision-making app that assists individuals, teams, and organizations in making critical decisions by providing insights and guidance based on data analysis


  • 💡 Decision Support: The app provides guidance for individuals, teams, and organizations making critical decisions, especially for those who lack advice or need to keep their decisions private.
  • 🌐 Accessibility: It is available for anyone, including individuals, teams, and organizations, to assist in their decision-making processes.
  • 📅 Timely Insights: The app offers support for current and relevant decisions, such as the potential TikTok ban in Nepal, to help users navigate nuanced debates and situations.
  • 🤖 AI Tools: The app may utilize AI tools for decision-making, potentially offering a comprehensive database of AI tools for various use cases.
  • 🚀 Productivity Enhancement: The app aims to improve productivity and lifestyle by providing solutions for work situations and creating content, such as English emails, social media posts, and news articles.


  • 💡 DecisionMentor: This app is designed to assist individuals, teams, or organizations in making critical decisions. It is aimed at people who don’t have anyone around to offer advice or whose decisions are private to be discussed with anyone.
  • 🎓 IDK? Decision Maker: This app is the easiest way to help you make mindful decisions. Just enter a question, add your points, and you’re done! It allows you to use cute animated smileys to express your feelings and easily add, edit, and prioritize your decision points.
  • 🎡 Decision Maker: Spin the Wheel: This app makes it easy to add options and spin the wheel to get a random answer. It is designed to make quick and fun decisions.
  • 📊 Decision-Making Models: A Decision-Maker’s Guide to 4 Types: This guide provides an overview of four types of decision-making models that can be used to make informed decisions.
  • 🤔 Difficult Decision? There’s An App for That: This article lists several apps that can help take the pressure off of decision-making, including Random Decision Maker and Tiny Decisions for Android and Protagonist: Decision Making for iOS. These apps are designed to help users make thoughtful and balanced decisions by assigning a number value to different upsides and downsides.


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DecisionMentor is a mobile app designed to simplify complex decisions for individuals and teams. It is a Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) application that provides a framework to reduce decision anxiety, get more insights, and help users make informed decisions.
DecisionMentor is developed by Truenary Solutions in association with Development Dynamics.
DecisionMentor can help individuals and teams make informed decisions backed by data. It offers a public decision feed where users can learn from others' decisions and get support during the decision-making process.
DecisionMentor is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices. Users can also visit the official website at

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