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CrazyHorseAI AI

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CrazyHorseAI is an AI tool that helps users create personalized experiences with an AI girl, offering seamless conversations, emotional intelligence, and customizable appearance and personality traits


  • 🤖 Customizable Appearance and Personality: Access a comprehensive suite of functionalities to personalize interactions, from conversational abilities to emotional responses, enabling users to create immersive and engaging experiences with the AI girl.
  • 🌟 Adaptive Learning Capabilities: Through the API, access adaptive learning capabilities, allowing the AI to improve and personalize its responses over time.
  • 🐎 Unleash Her Beauty in Every Frame: Upload your photo and input your prompt to change clothes, hair, body, pose, or background, and generate a magnificent version of your girl.
  • 📚 Trusted By: The API is trusted for its array of functionalities, including natural language processing for seamless conversations and emotional intelligence for nuanced and realistic responses.


  • 🤖 CrazyHorseAI: An API that allows users to upload a photo and input a prompt to change clothes, hair, body, pose, and background to generate a more magnificent girl. It also offers functionalities such as natural language processing, emotional intelligence, customizable appearance, and adaptive learning capabilities.
  • 📚 AI in Math Instruction: ChatGPT is an AI tool that can generate customized strategies to support number sense, real-world applications, and low floor, high ceiling problem-solving scenarios. It can also provide personalized learning experiences tailored to each learner’s needs, supporting differentiation.
  • 📝 Checking Bias in AI Outputs: Students can use AI tools to generate suggestions, but they need methods to check for biases that may skew results to prompts. They can ask AI additional questions, weigh AI with what they have learned in class, and evaluate missing perspectives and assumptions of AI.
  • 🎭 Lisa Crazy Horse Performance: A popular template on CapCut with over 199,000 users.
  • 🎓 7 AI Tools for Teachers: AI tools such as Crazy Horse, ChatGPT, and Eduaide.Ai can help teachers work more efficiently by generating customized lessons, quizzes, and presentations. They can also provide resources for discussion prompts, syllabus, and activities that focus on SEL check-ins.

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