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Cotter AI

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Cotter is an AI-powered tool that rates stocks based on their fundamentals, utilizing OpenAI's GPT technology to generate a rating for each stock, and it ranges from 0 to 10.


  • 🌟 helps users rate companies based on fundamental data and provides valuable insights using GPT technology.
  • 📈 The platform covers the top 1000 companies and is constantly being improved with new features.
  • 🔄’s AI-powered rating system is experimental and should not be interpreted as investment advice.


  • 📈 Stock Ratings: utilizes OpenAI’s GPT technology to assign ratings between 0 and 10 to each stock, taking into account the company’s fundamentals, sector, and pairs data. The higher the rating, the stronger the company is perceived to be

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Cotter is a platform that provides stock scoring powered by AI.
To get started with Cotter, you need a vector file saved in a PDF or AI format. Adobe Illustrator or the free program Inkscape are recommended for this.
If your login form looks cut-off, the correct height for the div container is 300px.
Cotter's Web SDK for JavaScript is a tool for passwordless authentication using email/phone number. It allows you to sign in with WebAuthn or fallback to MagicLink.

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