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Polarr Copilots

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Polarr Copilot is an AI-powered tool that transforms text prompts into high-quality photo, video, and design edits, offering a range of features for photo editing, including background edits, color adjustments, and object selection, as well as a 24FPS Copilot for more complex video effects and a Design Copilot for customized social posts based on input images


  • 🎨 AI Copilots for every aesthetic: Polarr Copilots transform text into stunning photo, video, and designs, which you can fine-tune to perfection.
  • 📷 Photo Editing Copilot: Use your imagination to edit photos. Describe the edits you want for people, surroundings, or colors. Polarr Copilot converts text prompts into the desired aesthetics.
  • 🎬 Video Editing Copilot: Complex video effects made easy. From cinematic colors, advanced transitions to impressive effects, the 24FPS Copilot generates innovative concepts using your words and explains how they were made.
  • 📐 Design Copilot: Instant design templates made for businesses. Design Copilot produces customized social posts based on your input images.
  • 📊 The numbers speak for themselves: Polarr Photo Editing Copilot helps Polarr creators make filters faster, achieve desired edits easier, and allow them more creative. 73% of creators achieved the desired result with Polarr Copilot.


  • 💡 Photo Editing: Polarr Copilot transforms text into stunning photos, allowing for fine-tuning to perfection.
  • 🎥 Video Editing: The 24FPS Copilot generates innovative concepts for complex video effects, including cinematic colors and advanced transitions, based on text prompts.
  • 🎨 Design Templates: Design Copilot produces instant and customized social post templates for businesses, making it easier to find the perfect design.
  • 🖼️ Aesthetic Transformation: AI Copilots for every aesthetic, helping creators achieve desired edits and creative freedom.
  • 📈 User Satisfaction: 73% of creators achieved the desired result with Polarr Copilot, indicating high user satisfaction.
Tech Used
Squarespace, Stimulus

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