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Legal Assistants

LEX247 is a true-cloud legal practice management software that offers seamless legal workflow management, integrations, and the ability to work from anywhere on any internet-connected device.

Legal Assistants

Juro is an AI-enabled contract automation platform that empowers businesses to create, agree, and manage contracts faster and more efficiently, offering features such as automated contract drafting, real-time collaboration, and structured approval workflows

Legal Assistants

LegalSifter is an AI-based company that provides affordable legal services to the world by combining artificial and human intelligence to cure contract pain before and after signing.

Legal Assistants

Ontra is an AI-powered legal operating system used by over 600 investment firms to automate legal workflows, contract negotiation, and compliance, enabling them to save time and resources and focus on higher-value work

Legal Assistants

LawGeex's Contract Review Automation (CRA) technology harnesses the power of AI to help in-house legal teams automate the contract review process, reducing risk and accelerating the speed of deals, with a focus on routine, high volume, low-to-medium complexity agreements such as NDAs, SLAs, SOWs, framework agreements, and supply agreements

Legal Assistants
TemplatesGo AI

Templatesgo is an innovative software as a service (SAAS) platform that enables users to transform documents into user-friendly fillable forms, streamlining the process of creating and managing documents

Legal Assistants

JuriBlox is a cloud platform for legal tech solutions that offers a range of features, including no-code automation, contract lifecycle management, AI, document assembly, process optimization, ODR, document shops, and white-label portals

Legal Assistants

Diligen is a platform used by legal teams and companies worldwide to make contract review faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Legal Assistants

Activazon is a platform offering AI-powered insights and detecting various activities in different locations, such as recent activities in Tegucigalpa and crime trends in San Juan De Oriente, Honduras.