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AskMama AI

Ask is a personalized support and guidance app for all moms, offering assistance to navigate the challenges of parenthood, regardless of experience level.

Viz AI is a company that offers AI-powered care coordination solutions to transform healthcare organizations.

HeyDoc AI

HeyDoc is a free AI-driven medical assistant that provides users with personalized medical information, next steps, and follow-up questions, offering discrete conversations with no appointments, long wait times, or scary internet searches.


Romantic AI is an AI-powered chatbot that operates in two modes, general and romantic, and is designed to maintain mental health by providing caring, supportive, and playful conversation.

6000 thoughts

6000 Thoughts is a platform that helps users create clarity of thought, identify thinking traps, and achieve peace of mind by providing a safe space for reflection and self-awareness

Momento Ai

Momento AI is the world's first turnkey and scalable AI cloning platform, allowing users to create AI clones of themselves to have a subject matter expert in their pocket at all times, with a focus on the future of AI and the creator economy

makebelieve offers customizable digital companions to support mental health and wellbeing, providing personalized interactions in multiple languages.


KAI Conversations is a product that provides customer insights, monitors sales team performance, and provides additional insights to improve patient care in remote settings.

Health Scanner

MarvS AI HealthScanner is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and appropriate recommendations for healthcare professionals and patients, offering differential diagnosis based on the latest research and data