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Shuttle's AI platform allows users to create and deploy backend applications in under 5 minutes by providing a prompt and letting the AI generate the code and provision the infrastructure.

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Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs is a powerful AI solution that enables users to search and understand video content more effectively, replacing ineffective keyword tagging systems

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Convai is a platform that enables characters in virtual worlds to have human-like conversations, creating immersive experiences for players

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Debugcode AI is a powerful AI tool that can analyze and debug code written in any programming language, identify errors, suggest solutions, explain code line by line, and is available for free

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Gradio is a web application that allows users to create and share custom machine learning interfaces.

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GPTBots seamlessly connect LLMs with enterprise data, services, and workflows, empowering businesses with incredible AI capabilities

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One AI

OneAI is an AI company that offers Generative AI API and NLP-as-a-service, providing language models for fact-checking, language analytics, and data security

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Zeus Notebook

Zeus Notebook is an online note-taking tool and a browser-based Python notebook that provides an AI code assistant, allowing users to organize thoughts, ideas, and notes, run Python code, and receive AI-powered suggestions and guidance

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Gemelo.AI is a generative AI platform and API for synthetic voices, video, and interactive virtual characters, offering powerful artificial intelligence tools for creating digital twins and professional-quality voice content