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Blaze SQL

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BlazeSQL is an AI chatbot and query generator that uses AI technology, specifically ChatGPT, to create SQL queries from plain English instructions, offering features such as database integration, confidentiality, and interactive chat for query refinement and feedback


  • 💡 BlazeSQL is an AI chatbot that can answer your questions by providing relevant data, SQL queries, or even graphs.
  • 📚 It uses the technology behind ChatGPT to generate complex queries and improve over time.
  • 🔒 BlazeSQL does not see or access your actual database data, only using schema information to protect your data’s privacy.
  • 🔍 It can help you connect your Snowflake Database to AI, like ChatGPT and other powerful AI models.
  • 🚀 BlazeSQL is the perfect tool for working with SQL databases, simply write what data you want in English, and it will generate the SQL code for you.


  • 📊 Data Analysis: BlazeSQL can provide relevant data, SQL queries, and graphs to answer your questions.
  • 💻 Database Integration: It allows you to connect your Snowflake Database to AI, such as ChatGPT and other powerful AI models.
  • 💬 Chatbot Functionality: BlazeSQL operates as an AI chatbot, capable of answering questions and providing data-related assistance.
  • 💡 AI-Powered Insights: The platform leverages AI to offer insights and support for data analysis and querying.
  • 🔗 Snowflake Database Connectivity: It enables seamless integration with Snowflake Databases for enhanced data processing.


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Yes, BlazeSQL is 100% free.
If you ever get stuck, or have any questions at all, BlazeSQL customer support can help you very quickly. All you have to do is click the customer support chat bubble at the bottom left for a live chat with or email

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