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B^DISCOVER is an AI generative model-based service by Kakao Brain that generates creative artworks and images to help with image thinking.


  • ✨ Imaginative Artworks: B^ DISCOVER offers a new experience with creative artworks generated by the AI model, Karlo.
  • 🌐 AI-based Service: B^ DISCOVER is a service based on the AI generative model, Karlo, providing a unique and innovative experience.
  • 🎨 Explore Generated Images: Users can explore the generated images to stimulate their creative thinking and imagination.
  • 🖼️ Visual Thinking Aid: DISCOVER YOUR in IMAG E E E E S B^ DISCOVER helps in visual thinking by offering a new experience with creative artworks.


  • 💡 Artistic Image Generation: B^ DISCOVER offers a new experience with creative artworks generated by the AI model, Karlo.
  • 💻 AI Generative Model: The service is based on the AI generative model, Karlo, to help in image thinking.
  • 🔍 Image Exploration: Explore the generated images to discover unique and innovative visual content.
  • ✨ Creative Experience: Immerse yourself in a creative experience with the diverse and artistic images generated by B^ DISCOVER.
  • 🧠 Visual Thinking Aid: B^ DISCOVER is designed to assist in visual thinking by providing a platform for exploring and generating images.



B^ DISCOVER is designed to be super easy to use, with a "Guide" to help users generate high-quality images, making the content generation process accessible and user-friendly.
B^ DISCOVER utilizes the AI image generation model called 'Karlo' developed by Kakao Brain, enabling users to experience a whole new world of image-based thinking.

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