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AnyAPI is a platform that allows users to add AI features to their products in minutes, offering the ability to craft GPT-3 prompts with A/B testing and obtain a live API endpoint to power AI features, with use cases such as turning an email into tasks and suggesting replies


  • 😎 EASY INTEGRATION: AnyAPI allows users to add AI features to their product in minutes with a live API endpoint ready to power their next AI feature.
  • 📧 EMAIL TASKS: AnyAPI can turn an email into tasks and suggest replies.
  • 🤖 GPT-3: AnyAPI allows users to craft the perfect GPT-3 prompt with A/B testing.
  • 🚀 FAST DEPLOYMENT: Netlify is an all-in-one platform that adds essential power and functionality to React apps, making it easy to deploy React apps in minutes.
  • 🦾 POWERFUL INTEGRATIONS: Netlify allows users to automate workflows, speed up builds, and deploy AWS Lambda functions without configuring API gateways or even setting up an AWS account.


  • 💻 Add AI power to your product in minutes with AnyAPI.
  • 📧 Turn an email into tasks and suggests replies with AnyAPI.
  • 🤖 Ask GPT3 and get plain text JSON with AnyAPI.
  • 🚀 Deploy React app on Netlify with essential power & functionality.
  • 🤖 Build a SlackBot with Node.js and SlackBots.js using APIs like Chuck Norris API.

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