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Activazon is a platform offering AI-powered insights and detecting various activities in different locations, such as recent activities in Tegucigalpa and crime trends in San Juan De Oriente, Honduras.


  • 🔍 Crime Report Analytics: Activazon provides a crime report analytic service to keep residents and visitors informed about activities in their neighborhoods.
  • 👶 Simplified Content: The website simplifies complex topics using AI, making them understandable even for children. Users can choose a specific topic and select the level of simplification they want, from “very silly” to “very smart.”
  • 💻 AI-Powered Conversational Transcription: The platform leverages AI for conversational transcriptions, summaries, and data entry automation.
  • 🛰️ Customer Engagement: Activazon is a customer engagement platform that offers AI-powered chatbots and voice bots for lead generation and sales.
  • 🌐 Multilingual Support: The platform is available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, and five other languages.
Tech Used
React, Node.js, Next.js

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Activazon offers several key benefits, including:nforming users about crime in their neighborhoods.roviding insights from multiple AI legal assistant tools and applications.ffering 24/7 customer support.xpert assistance for businesses using its location analytics tools
Activazon is committed to user privacy and security, adhering to strict data privacy practices. It is essential for users to sign up with their email address and password to access the platform's features. However, there may be concerns about personal data and privacy when signing up or signing in.

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